About TechnoBarrier

TechnoBarrier  is the registered trademark of automatic barrier  systems offered to the sector by Optimum Mekatronik. The control system software and mechanical manufacturing of all products produced under the Technobarrier brand belong to Optimum Mekatronik.

Optimum Mekatronik: serves different sectors in the fields of automation systems, motion control, robot technology and special machine manufacturing with the slogan “Maximum innovation, optimum solution from Manisa to the world”.

With our continuous R&D studies, we make touches on daily life and future production models. In particular, it is among our capabilities to catch the opportunities in the problematic segments in the sector and to offer optimum products that provide added value.

Today, when the world is fighting the Covid-19 epidemic, we developed the “CAPACITEMATIC” model in order to contribute to the most important factor in eliminating the risk.


It has been produced to keep the number of people under control in places.

It is simple to configure.

The barrier is opened by showing hand.  The counting process starts.

When it reaches the total number of people that can be in the area, it does not allow entry.

The number of people and capacity available in the area is displayed on the screen.

It can be carried comfortably by one person.

It does not require mechanical assembly. It can be positioned anywhere.

It is rechargeable. It does not need constant electrical energy.

it can be used as an entry, exit or entry-exit barrier.

All barriers used for areas with more than one entry-exit communicate with each other.